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The impact study at European level

The evaluation partners carried out extensive research to assess the impact of the ACT project on teachers, pupils and the educational sphere concerned. These evaluations were carried out using an innovative methodology developed and implemented in...

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Autumn 2018

Making an impACT Welcome to the Autumn 2018 ACT|Project newsletter. This international project, funded by Erasmus+, aims to recruit schools as a way of exploring how fundamental values, such as tolerance, inclusion and democracy, can be promoted through...

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Spring 2018

Welcome to our second newsletter! Through our newsletters, we aim to keep you informed on how the ACT|Project is developing – within the limits of what we are able to share so as not to affect the overall results – and to highlight other...

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Autumn 2017

Welcome to the first newsletter of the ACT Project – an Erasmus+ funded project looking at the impact of active citizenship projects on pupils’ social and civic competences. At the beginning of this year, 12 organisations from four EU countries (France,...

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